How can I purchase more OfferTest tests?

To purchase more test packages please follow these steps:

Register here:

Log in to your account here:

Check our pricing and pay for your package via Paypal or Credit Card here:

Is there any monthly commitment or minimum monthly purchase?

No, OfferTest is a pay-as-you-go product, you will be able to purchase any package at any time and your purchase tests will never expire and will be carried over for the following months.

Do I need my account approved to use OfferTest?

No. You only need your account approved to run some of our CPI offers.
You don't need to be approved to start using OfferTest, you will always be able to use OfferTest no matter the status of your account.
You just need to start the process and register an account by going to and after that, you can start using it for free or purchase more test packages.
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