Why do I need my account to be approved to run offers?

To run some CPI offers you will need to ask for your account to be approved.
For your account to be approved you will be asked to fill in a form with some questions.

If we get in touch with you with some questions regarding your account, please help us on the approval process by answering the questions asked (we will never ask for your account's password or details).

The approval process usually takes up one to two business days.

How do I know my account was approved or rejected?

When your account is approved or rejected you will receive an email informing you about the account's approval or rejection.

If your account was approved please follow the next steps described on your approval email to start sending traffic to the offers.

Note: Please do not ask for your account to be approved on our in-platform chat, since the approval process is independent of the support process.

Will I get an Account Manager after my account is approved?

Yes. After your account is approved and you start sending traffic over we will get in touch with you to introduce you to your dedicated Account Manager.

Can I apply for a new approval after my account was rejected?

Yes, you can. To improve your chances of being approved please be more specific when answering the approval process form.

Do I need my account approved to use OfferTest?

No. You only need your account approved to run some of our CPI offers.
You don't need to be approved to start using OfferTest, you will always be able to use OfferTest no matter the status of your account.
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